Clinica De La Diabetes

Next door to our compound in Diriamba is a little clinic that opens it’s doors to the less fortunate in Nicaragua. While it might be small in size it is big when it comes to heart. Dr. Carlos with a laboratory and a small staff of nurses see over 200 patients per month. For around $5.00 you can see the doctor and get a months worth of medicine to treat your illnesses. Dr. Carlos also specializes in diabetic would care. When someone has a serious infection due to diabetes the usual treatment is to remove the limb that the infection is on. People from all over Nicaragua travel to his clinic for his care and treatment of these wounds. I have seen first hand of feet that you could see the bones  due to the severity of the wound. Through countless cleanings, prayer, and treatments the infection is removed and the skin regenerates where the wound once was. Dr. Carlos has a love for the people of Nicaragua and works hard to try and provide a private health care clinic at an affordable cost. With the addition of his own lab equipment he is able to provide blood work if needed to help diagnose the patients. When I was diagnosed with Dengue in 2015, I visited his clinic frequently and am thankful for the care I received. It is only through his dedication, and help from some churches and people in the states that he is able to provide care at this reduced cost. Please prayerfully consider if you are being led to get involved with helping the clinic continue to provide affordable care and medicine  for  the poor in Nicaragua. If you want to donate financially click on the Donate button below and put  Clinic in the purpose line.


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