Partnership Information:   In knowing and striving to obey the Great Commission given to us by Christ, we believe He has led and will continue to lead individuals and/or church organizations to take the message of Christ to every corner of the earth to redeem His people. It is with this vision that NCO was established and serves as a path for Christian individuals and organizations to minister to the Nicaraguan people as led by God. Please contact us for more specific information and details regarding partnership with NCO.

    Travel Documents:     Please note and plan ahead – a US Passport is required for travel outside the United States of America. You may click on the “US State Department” link  for details.

   Currency:    The local currency is the Cordoba. US currency may be exchange upon arrival to Nicaragua. Please refer to “Currency Converter” for exchange rates. Most places in Nicaragua will take U.S. currency but it needs to be relatively new without writing or rips in it.

    Climate:    Managua, like much of Western Nicaragua except for the Sierras, has a tropical climate.   Please refer to the Weather link for an extended forecast. 

    We will be glad to share information with you regarding our experiences in Nicaragua as well as some “Do’s and Dont’s” for your trip.

   Please be sure and check with your airline carrier for specific information on luggage, prohibited items, flight details, and regulations before you purchase tickets.

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